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North Penn Financial is specializes in small-balance commercial mortgages and equipment financing and leasing nationwide. By concentrating the volume of our loan origination activities with those of other brokers nationwide we are able to obtain better portfolio pricing from Wall Street, than you would by operating independently. Access North Penn Financial's extensive loan programs and lending relationships and get experienced and professional assistance to process your commercial funding leads.

Many commercial lenders will tell you that closing small commercial loans and leases is just like closing residential loans or that it's a quick learning curve to overcome. In fact commercial loans and leases are substantially different than residential loans. Even the small ones.

While getting a commercial loan lead represents a opportunity for additional income it is not an easy road to travel to actually get the pay check  That is where it pays to for you to partner with an experienced commercial lending operation that can get you immediate access to all major lending sources and provider and experienced  professional to assist you in dealing with the requirements and the problems that are bound to come in closing our loan lead.

At North Penn Financial we understand that as an intelligent and experienced loan professional you know that you can develop your own lender relationships and  do the majority of the work yourself if you want to. We strive to develop ongoing relationships with each broker by providing excellent client serviced access to highly competitive products. We believe that we have the lot to offer to improve your bottom line and leave you with the free time to pursue your residential leads.  We are so happy to work with Brokers & Vendors who are looking to learn the process so that they can then go on to set up there own relationships and work independently. 

Yes you are protected as a Broker on both commercial loans and leases. Vendors protected on commercial equipment leases.